Zariya, Ranmaru - Birds of Shangri-La Volume 1

Zariya, Ranmaru - Birds of Shangri-La Volume 1

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Birds of Shangri-La, Vol. 1

Author: Ranmaru Zariya

Genre: Yaoi, Romance, Manga

Pages: 194 

Publisher: SuBLime

Publication Date: November 10, 2020



Birds of Shangri-La is a yaoi manga set in a luxurious male brothel called Shangri-La. The story follows Apollo, a straight man who takes a job at the brothel for quick cash. However, things get complicated when he starts to develop feelings for Phi, one of the most sought-after male prostitutes. The brothel has strict rules against employees falling in love, so Apollo must navigate his newfound feelings while keeping his job.

Note: Yaoi is a genre of manga specifically featuring romantic or sexual relationships between males.

LGBT Themes: Yes, this yaoi manga features a romantic relationship between multiple males.

Relevant Tags: Manga, Yaoi, Romance, BL (Boys' Love)

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