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Thomas, Aiden - Lost in the Never Woods

Thomas, Aiden - Lost in the Never Woods

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Five years ago, Wendy and her brothers disappeared in the Everwood. Now, with children vanishing once more, Wendy, haunted by fragmented memories, must confront the past and venture back into the enigmatic woods to uncover the truth and save them.


The tranquil town of Larkspur is once again shrouded in fear. When children start disappearing near the eerie Everwood, whispers of the past resurface, dredging up memories of Wendy and her brothers, who vanished in the same woods five years ago. Wendy, now a teenager grappling with amnesia and unsettling dreams, feels an inexplicable pull towards the Everwood. Driven by a desperate hope to find the missing children and piece together her own fractured past, Wendy ventures into the heart of the mysterious woods, facing unsettling encounters, hidden dangers, and a darkness that threatens to consume her. As the lines between reality and fantasy blur, Wendy must confront the truth about the Everwood's secrets and her own forgotten connection to them, in a gripping fight for survival and redemption.

LGBT Themes:

    • Self-discovery and questioning identity: Wendy grapples with fragmented memories and a lack of identity, hinting at a possible LGBTQ+ exploration within.
    • Challenging traditional narratives: The reimagining of Peter Pan challenges heteronormative tropes and explores complex characters with diverse identities.
    • Found family and queer chosen families: Wendy seeks support and connection throughout her journey, potentially forming meaningful bonds outside traditional family structures.

Relevant Tags:

    • Young adult fiction
    • Fantasy fiction
    • LGBTQ fiction
    • Retellings
    • Mystery
    • Thriller
    • Coming-of-age

Awards & Recognition:

    • New York Times Bestseller
    • Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Young Adult Fiction

ISBN: 9781250313973

    • Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Fantasy
    • Title: Lost in the NeverWoods
    • Pages: 320
    • Publisher: Pan Macmillan
    • Release Date: August 9, 2022
    • Weight: 270 grams
  • Size: 130 x 197 x 26 mm
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