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Suzuri, Ryo - MADK Volume 3

Suzuri, Ryo - MADK Volume 3

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In MADK Vol. 3, Makoto's bizarre and dangerous obsession with eating demon guts intensifies as he delves deeper into the depths of Akira's twisted world. As Makoto's humanity fades, his connection with Akira grows stronger, leading him to question his own identity and the true nature of his relationship with the demon.

The lines between love, obsession, and cannibalism blur as Makoto's sacrifices escalate and the consequences of his Faustian bargain come to a head. He finds himself trapped in a relentless cycle of self-destruction, driven by his insatiable cravings for Akira's flesh.

In this unsettling and provocative volume, Ryo Suzuri pushes the boundaries of darkness and depravity, exploring the depths of human desire and the terrifying consequences of obsession. Makoto's journey into the abyss becomes more perilous than ever, as he grapples with his own demons and the monstrous power that consumes him.

LGBT Themes:

  • Queer identity and relationships in a dark fantasy setting
  • Depiction of love, obsession, and sacrifice
  • Graphic and disturbing imagery

Relevant Tags:

Yaoi Manga, BL Manga, Psychological Horror, Dark Fantasy, Occult, Faustian Pact, Supernatural Mysteries, Erotic Fiction, Queer Representation, Gay Protagonist

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