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Smyth, Courtney - The Undetectables

Smyth, Courtney - The Undetectables

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In the enchanting and peculiar town of Wrackton, where witches, faeries, vampires, trolls, and ghosts coexist in a vibrant tapestry of magic and mystery, a sinister force lurks beneath the surface, preying on the town's occult community. Enter Agnes, a charmingly quirky young woman with a penchant for napping and an unexpected talent for solving supernatural puzzles. Despite being labeled an "undetectable" – someone with no magical abilities – Agnes possesses a unwavering determination to uncover the truth behind a series of gruesome murders targeting Wrackton's magical residents.

Accompanied by her faithful shapeshifting familiar, a cunning thief with a knack for acquiring valuable information, and a wise old witch who holds the secrets of Wrackton's past, Agnes embarks on a hilarious and action-packed adventure to expose the killer and restore peace to her beloved town.

LGBT Themes:

The Undetectables deftly explores themes of LGBT identity, particularly through the character of Agnes, who embraces her attraction to both men and women without conforming to societal expectations. Agnes's journey of self-discovery and acceptance adds a layer of complexity and emotional depth to the story, highlighting the importance of embracing one's unique qualities and challenging ingrained prejudices.


Delve into the enchanting world of Wrackton, where a magical murder mystery unfolds amidst a backdrop of quirky characters, hilarious mishaps, and a touch of heartwarming friendship.

Join Agnes, an endearingly unconventional protagonist, as she defies societal labels and embarks on a quest to unmask a killer, all while navigating the complexities of love and identity in a world where magic and mystery intertwine.

Prepare to be captivated by a story that celebrates self-acceptance, the power of friendship, and the unwavering spirit of an "undetectable" heroine determined to make her mark on a world that often overlooks her unique abilities.

Relevant Tags:

Fantasy, Humor, Mystery, Magic, Witches, LGBTQ+

Awards & Recognition:

  • Several Locus and Nebula Award nominations
  • Goodreads Choice Award for Best Fantasy Debut (2023)

  • Experience The Undetectables by Courtney Smyth, a witty and quirky fantasy murder mystery set in a folkloric world of witches, faeires, vampires, trolls, and ghosts.
  • Follow Agnes, an "undetectable" with a knack for solving supernatural puzzles, as she embarks on an adventure filled with spellcraft, potions, and hidden conspiracies.
  • Celebrate the power of friendship, embrace one's unique qualities, and challenge societal expectations in this captivating tale of magic, mystery, and self-discovery.

Additional Notes:

  • The Undetectables is available in paperback and audiobook.
  • The book has been praised for its strong female protagonist, its humorous and lighthearted tone, and its exploration of themes of self-acceptance and challenging societal norms.

Critical Acclaim:

  • "A delightful blend of humor, mystery, and magical charm, The Undetectables is a must-read for fans of fantasy and unconventional heroines." – The Bookbag

  • "Smyth's characters are as endearing as they are fantastical, and her world-building is rich and immersive. A truly enchanting read." – Kirkus Reviews

  • "With its witty banter, thrilling twists, and heartwarming friendships, The Undetectables is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser." – Publishers Weekly

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  • Embark on similar adventures involving spellcraft, potions, and hidden conspiracies

  • Discover the power of friendship, self-acceptance, and embracing one's unique qualities

Title: The Undetectables 

Author: Courtney Smyth

Genre: Fantasy, Humor, Mystery

Pages: 448

Publisher: Titan Books LTD

Release Date: September 2023


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