Shields, Sydney J. - The Honey Witch

Shields, Sydney J. - The Honey Witch

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Marigold Claude, a young woman content with the company of magical meadow spirits, finds her life upended when her eccentric grandmother Althea visits and reveals a family secret about her heritage as a witch. As Marigold delves deeper into her newfound magical abilities, a spark ignites between her and a mysterious young woman named Amelia who doesn't believe in magic.

Sydney J. Shields' "The Honey Witch" is a delightful debut novel that blends magic, romance, and self-discovery. Marigold's journey of embracing her magical identity and finding love in unexpected places is perfect for fans of fantasy and heartwarming stories with a touch of LGBTQ+ romance.

LGBT Themes:

Lesbian romance

Relevant Tags:

Fantasy, Romance, LGBTQ+, Self-Discovery, Witchcraft

Title: The Honey Witch

Author: Sydney J. Shields

Genre: Fantasy Romance, Cosy Fantasy

Pages: 368

Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group (Orbit)

Release Date: May 16, 2024


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