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Santorella, Tony - Bored Gay Werewolf

Santorella, Tony - Bored Gay Werewolf

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In this hilarious and heartwarming novel, Tony Santorella takes readers on a wild ride through the life of Brian, a directionless college dropout who works doubles at his shift job, forgets to clean his room, and lays about with his friends Nik and Darby. Brian's life takes a turn when he transforms into a werewolf, and he finds himself caught up in a world of werewolves, magic, and corporate intrigue.


Bored and aimless, Brian works doubles at his waiter job, never cleans his apartment, and gets drunk with his friends Nik and Darby. When he falls for a werewolf, Brian's life takes a wild turn into the supernatural, with magic, corporate intrigue, and plenty of laughs.

LGBT Themes:

  • Coming out
  • Identity
  • Queer representation

Relevant tags:

gay, bisexual, comedy, werewolf, coming out, identity

  • Bored Gay Werewolf by Tony Santorella
  • A hilarious and heartwarming novel about a bisexual werewolf
  • A must-read for fans of comedy and LGBTQ+ fiction

Title: Bored Gay Werewolf

Author: Tony Santorella

Genre: Fiction, Comedy

Pages: 272

Publisher: Atlantic Books

Release Date: June 1, 2023


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  • Size: 14.7 x 21.7 x 2.3 cm
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