RuPaul - The House of Hidden Meanings

RuPaul - The House of Hidden Meanings

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RuPaul, the iconic drag queen, superstar, and cultural phenomenon, delves into his remarkable journey in this raw and personal memoir. From his childhood struggles to finding his voice and creating a global drag empire, RuPaul reveals the hidden meanings behind his flamboyant persona. (This description highlights the focus on RuPaul's life and the potential for exploration of his identity.)


"The House of Hidden Meanings" is RuPaul's most revealing memoir yet. He strips away the artifice and recounts his story with breathtaking clarity and wit. The book explores his experiences growing up Black, poor, and queer in a broken home.

We see his journey of self-discovery through performance and the creation of his drag persona. The book delves into the challenges he faced navigating the world as a gay man and the eventual rise to international fame as RuPaul, the drag queen extraordinaire.

LGBT Themes

  • Self-discovery and identity exploration (The memoir focuses on RuPaul's journey as a gay man and the creation of his drag persona, potentially offering insights into his experience within the LGBTQIA+ community.)
  • Coming-of-age (The narrative follows RuPaul's experiences growing up gay and the challenges he faced)


  • Memoir,
  • LGBT Memoir,
  • Drag Queen,
  • Self-Discovery,
  • Entertainment Industry

Book Details

  • Genre: Memoir
  • Pages: 336 
  • Publisher: HarperCollins
  • Release Date: March 5, 2024
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