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Rowland, Alexandra - A Taste of Gold & Iron

Rowland, Alexandra - A Taste of Gold & Iron

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In a world inspired by ancient Persia, Kadou, the shy prince of Arasht, must navigate courtly conspiracies and dangerous politics when it is discovered that he can touch-taste precious metals. With the help of his newly appointed bodyguard, Evemer, Kadou embarks on a perilous quest to uncover the truth behind a recent assassination and restore his family's honor.


A Taste of Gold and Iron is a captivating tale of romance, adventure, and self-discovery set in a world of magic and intrigue. Alexandra Rowland's captivating prose and vivid world-building transport readers to a realm where love, loyalty, and the pursuit of truth intertwine.

LGBT Themes

  • Coming-of-age and self-discovery
  • Navigating societal expectations and prejudices
  • Embracing one's true self and fighting for love

Relevant Tags

  • Alexandra Rowland, Fantasy Romance, Young Adult, LGBTQ+ Literature, Coming-of-Age, Queer Fiction, Self-Discovery, Acceptance, Romance

Why Readers Should Choose This Book

  • A Taste of Gold and Iron is a captivating and heartwarming tale that celebrates diversity, identity, and the power of love.
  • Alexandra Rowland's characters are relatable, humorous, and endearing, making their journey all the more captivating.
  • The story masterfully blends historical elements with magical elements, offering a unique and engaging reading experience.
  • Readers will be swept away by the story's enchanting setting, compelling characters, and heartwarming themes of self-discovery and love.

Title: A Taste of Gold and Iron

Author: Alexandra Rowland

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Pages: 592

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Release Date: June 2023

Weight: 416 grams

Size: 196 x 131 x 38 mm

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