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Rendle, Samantha - Hopeless Aromantic

Rendle, Samantha - Hopeless Aromantic

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In a world that revolves around romantic love, Hopeless Aromantic is a refreshing and insightful guide to understanding and embracing aromanticism. Samantha Rendle, an aromantic herself, delves into the complexities of aromantic identity, offering a comprehensive and affirmative guide for individuals who experience little to no romantic attraction.

With a thorough exploration of aromanticism, including microlabels, different forms of love and partnership, and the split attraction model, Hopeless Aromantic provides a safe space for aromantics to explore their identity, navigate societal expectations, and build meaningful relationships.

The book also offers valuable advice on managing mental health as an aromantic person, addressing common challenges such as arophobia and internalized amatonormativity. Rendle encourages aromantics to embrace their authentic selves, celebrating aromanticism as a valid and fulfilling identity.


  • Aromantic identity and self-acceptance
  • Aromanticism and the split attraction model
  • Navigating societal expectations and arophobia
  • Building meaningful relationships as an aromantic
  • Mental health and well-being for aromantics

Relevant Tags:

Aromantic, LGBTQ+, Relationships, Self-Help, Identity, Self-Love, Acceptance, Identity Crisis, Social Outcast, Belonging, Love Conquers All

Awards & Recognition:

  • Amazon Customer Review Ratings: 4.8 out of 5 stars
  • Goodreads Choice Award Nominee

Embrace your aromantic identity and navigate the world with confidence using Samantha Rendle's empowering guide, Hopeless Aromantic. This insightful book delves into the intricacies of aromanticism, providing a comprehensive and supportive resource for individuals who experience little to no romantic attraction.

Delve into a world of self-discovery and acceptance as you explore aromanticism, microlabels, different forms of love, and the split attraction model. Hopeless Aromantic offers practical strategies for managing mental health, building meaningful relationships, and thriving as an aromantic individual.

Prepare to be empowered by a story that celebrates aromanticism as a valid and fulfilling identity, reminding us that love comes in many forms, and aromanticism is just as beautiful and deserving of recognition as any other form of love.

Title: Hopeless Aromantic 

Author: Samantha Rendle

Genre: Guide Books, LGBTQ+ Studies, Relationships & Self-Help

Pages: 176

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Release Date: July 25, 2023


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