Rao, Kritika H. - The Unrelenting Earth

Rao, Kritika H. - The Unrelenting Earth

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The Unrelenting Earth by Kritika H. Rao

Genre: Epic Science Fantasy (528 pages)

Publisher: Titan Books - Release Date: June 18, 2024

The Unrelenting Earth is the thrilling sequel to Kritika H. Rao's debut novel, The Surviving Sky. In this action-packed story, Ahilya, now a councilor, fights to expose the truth about the cosmic beings who control their society and the dangerous practice of Ecstatic Trajection. Her quest for liberation puts her at odds with powerful forces and threatens the fragile peace between her and her husband, Iravan.

In this dazzling sequel to the The Surviving Sky , Ahilya and Iravan risk everything—their lives, their culture, and their fragile marriage—in pursuit of the earth-shattering truth about their existence.

"Breathtakingly inventive" epic science-fantasy inspired by Hindu philosophy, for fans of N.K. Jemisin and Tasha Suri.

Two months have passed since Ahilya and Iravan learned the devastating truths behind the earthrages. As the cosmic creatures struggle to break into the world, and Nakshar's architecture disintegrates, the desperate council summons their sister ashrams to a Conclave, to discuss the future of life in the skies.

Ahilya, now a councillor, is determined to share the truth about the cosmic beings and the nature of Ecstatic trajection so she can liberate ordinary citizens and save the condemned architects. Her conviction has alienated her allies and created dangerous enemies. Only Iravan has a chance of persuading the Conclave that Ecstatics are not unstable, but he returns from the jungle struggling with his own Ecstasy. He has little control over his second-self, the primal falcon yaksha, and finds the Conclave hostile to his cause.

As strange, deadly storms break out, threatening refuge even in the skies, Iravan and the other Ecstatic architects face brutal reprisals. And with the barrier restraining the cosmic beings thinning, Ahilya and Iravan know they are running out of time to save everyone. Thrust into the center of the storm, both will have to confront what matters most to them, who they really are, and what it means for the future of humanity.

LGBT Themes

The Unrelenting Earth explores themes of gender roles and societal expectations through the relationship between Ahilya and Iravan. Ahilya defies traditional gender norms by taking on a position of power, and the couple navigates the challenges of a relationship where both partners are strong and independent.

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  • lgbt, lgbtq, science fantasy, feminism, gender roles, political intrigue, epic adventure
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