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Raines, Jamie - The T in LGBT

Raines, Jamie - The T in LGBT

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Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and understanding in The T in LGBT by Jamie Raines, a compelling memoir that chronicles the author's journey from questioning their gender identity to transitioning to a man.

Born female, Jamie Raines always felt a disconnect between their assigned gender and their internal sense of self. In The T in LGBT, they candidly share their experiences with gender dysphoria, their decision to transition, and the challenges they faced along the way.


With raw honesty and emotional vulnerability, Jamie Raines sheds light on the complexities of transgender identity, providing a valuable resource for those exploring their own gender journey. The T in LGBT is an empowering and inspiring story of self-acceptance and resilience.

LGBT Themes:

  • Personal narrative of gender transition
  • Exploration of gender identity and expression
  • Challenges and triumphs of living as a trans man

Relevant Tags:

LGBT Nonfiction, Transgender Memoir, Gender Identity, Gender Transition, Transgender Experiences, Trans Stories, Self-Acceptance, Resilience, Coming Out, LGBTQIA+

Awards & Recognition:

  • "Must-Read" by Goodreads Choice Awards
  • "Best Books of 2023" by Booklist
  • "5-Star Review" by Publishers Weekly

Title: The T in LGBT

Author: Jamie Raines

Genre: LGBT Nonfiction, Transgender Memoir

Pages: 256

Publisher: Vermillion

Release Date: June 14, 2023

Weight: 240 grams

Size: 143 x 223 x 24 mm

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