Parker-Chan, Shelley - She Who Became the Sun

Parker-Chan, Shelley - She Who Became the Sun

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Title: She Who Became the Sun

In a ruthless Ming Dynasty, a peasant girl disguises herself as a dead eunuch to climb the ranks of power. A thrilling adventure that reimagines Chinese history with a gender-bending twist.

Zhu, a cunning peasant girl, longs for a life beyond the confines of her village. After her sickly brother dies, she takes a desperate gamble, assuming his identity as a eunuch and entering the ruthless world of the Forbidden City. There, Zhu navigates a dangerous court, using her wit and determination to rise through the ranks. As she sheds her past and embraces a new future, the line between ambition and obsession blurs. Can Zhu become the emperor's right hand, or will her web of deceit unravel, bringing her crashing down?

LGBT Themes: Features Zhu existing outside of traditional gender roles, blurring the lines between masculinity and femininity. Sapphic love interest

Relevant Tags: Historical fiction, gender-bending, coming-of-age, Chinese history, Ming Dynasty, court intrigue, power struggle, sapphic, lesbian.

Book Details:

  • Genre: Historical Fiction, Fantasy
  • Pages: 414
  • Publisher: Pan Books (UK)
  • Release Date: June 9, 2022
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