Ostertag, Molly Knox - The Deep Dark

Ostertag, Molly Knox - The Deep Dark

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Title: The Deep Dark

Author & Illustrator: Molly Knox Ostertag

Genre: Graphic Novel, Fantasy, Coming-of-Age (480 pages)

Publisher: Scholastic - Release Date: July 2024


The Deep Dark plunges readers into a darkly beautiful world where magic and family secrets collide. Meet Lumi, a young girl yearning to explore the world beyond her secluded village. When her twin brother disappears into the mysterious Deep Dark, Lumi defies tradition and embarks on a daring rescue mission. Along the way, she encounters a captivating cast of characters, confronts hidden truths about her identity, and discovers the magic that lies dormant within her.


"A darkly beautiful story of identity, family, love, loss and magic."

LGBT Themes

  • Explores themes of self-discovery and defying societal expectations, which can resonate with LGBT readers.
  • Same-sex romance between Lumi and another character.

Relevant Tags

lgbt, lgbtq, lgbt graphic novel, fantasy, coming-of-age, adventure, self-discovery, family secrets

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