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Oshimi, Shuzo - Welcome Back, Alice Volume 1

Oshimi, Shuzo - Welcome Back, Alice Volume 1

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In a gripping tale of psychological suspense and complex relationships, "Welcome Back, Alice 1" follows the story of Yohei, Kei, and Yui, three childhood friends who are reunited in high school after years of separation. As they catch up on lost time, a series of strange and unsettling events begin to unfold, leading to a web of secrets, hidden desires, and dark truths.


Amidst the familiar backdrop of high school life, three childhood friends, Yohei, Kei, and Yui, find their lives intertwined once again. Upon their reunion, Yohei witnesses an intimate moment between Kei and Yui, sparking a chain of events that unravels their carefully constructed facades. As their secrets come to light, they must confront the unspoken tensions and unspoken desires that have simmered beneath the surface of their friendship.

Psychological Themes:

  • Obsession
  • Repressed desires
  • Psychological trauma
  • Unreliable narration
  • Identity crisis

Relevant Tags:

  • Manga, Psychological, Mystery, Thriller, Friendship, Secrets, Trauma, Identity

Awards & Recognition:

  • Shogakukan Manga Award Nominee (2023)
  • Osamu Tezuka Cultural Prize Nominee (2024)
  • Welcome Back, Alice 1
  • Shuzo Oshimi
  • Vertical Comics
  • Psychological Manga
  • Mystery Manga
  • Thriller Manga
  • Friendship Manga
  • Secrets Manga
  • Trauma Manga
  • Identity Manga

Additional Notes:

  • Welcome Back, Alice is available in English and Japanese.
  • The book is the first installment in a trilogy.

Title: Welcome Back, Alice Vol. 1

Author: Shuzo Oshimi

Genre: Manga, Psychological, Mystery

Pages: 196 pages

Publisher: Vertical Comics

Release Date: June 2022

Dimensions: 5 inches x 0.6 inches x 7 inches

Weight: 194 grams

Size: 140 x 189 x 19 mm

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