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Oseman, Alice - Solitaire

Oseman, Alice - Solitaire

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Tori Spring, a high school student known for her positivity and bright smile, hides a secret world of anxieties and intrusive thoughts. Struggling with undiagnosed OCD, she finds solace in creating meticulous lists and following strict routines. When Nick, a new student with his own unique quirks and anxieties, enters her life, their unexpected connection forces Tori to confront her fears and navigate the complexities of friendship, self-acceptance, and overcoming mental health challenges.


"Sometimes, all you need is one person who gets it." - Solitaire, Alice Oseman

Do you ever feel like you're hiding a secret behind a smile? In "Solitaire," Alice Oseman delves into the world of mental health, exploring the challenges of living with OCD and the power of human connection. Through the relatable and endearing characters of Tori and Nick, the story sheds light on anxiety, acceptance, and the importance of finding support. This heartwarming and insightful novel is perfect for anyone who has ever felt different, misunderstood, or struggling with their mental health.

LGBT Themes:

  • Mental health awareness, specifically OCD
  • Self-acceptance and self-discovery
  • Importance of friendship and community
  • Overcoming challenges and finding strength
  • (Possible) LGBTQ+ themes (depending on your interpretation and potential character development)

Relevant Tags:

Young adult fiction, coming-of-age, mental health, OCD, anxiety, self-acceptance, friendship, self-discovery, challenges, overcoming, LGBTQ+ (optional)

Awards & Recognition:

  • None currently listed, but consider including positive reviews or testimonials from readers.

Additional Information:

  • Genre: Young adult fiction
  • Pages: 432
  • Publisher: HarperCollins UK
  • Release Date: February 29, 2024
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  • Size: Not currently available
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