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Oseman, Alice - I Was Born for This

Oseman, Alice - I Was Born for This

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I Was Born for This by Alice Oseman


For Angel Rahimi, life revolves around The Ark, a pop-rock trio of teenage boys taking the world by storm. Being a dedicated fan has filled her world with friendship, community, and a sense of belonging. When she unexpectedly finds herself face-to-face with Jimmy Kaga-Ricci, The Ark's frontman, their lives take an unexpected turn. As they navigate strange encounters, conflicting emotions, and the realities behind fame, their paths become unexpectedly intertwined.


"The Ark wasn't just music, it was a feeling of belonging." - Angel, I Was Born for This

What happens when reality clashes with the perfect image we project online? In "I Was Born for This," Alice Oseman dives into the world of fandom culture, navigating the complexities of idolization, personal growth, and confronting the realities behind carefully crafted online personas. Through the relatable characters of Angel and Jimmy, the story explores themes of self-discovery, facing vulnerabilities, and finding your true voice. This engaging and heartfelt novel is a must-read for anyone who has ever felt like an outsider or who yearns for a sense of belonging.

LGBT Themes:

  • Self-discovery and growth
  • Navigating fan culture and online personas
  • Challenging societal expectations and finding your voice
  • Facing vulnerabilities and personal challenges
  • (Possible) LGBTQ+ themes (depending on your interpretation and potential character development)

Relevant Tags:

Young adult fiction, coming-of-age, fandom culture, fan-idol relationship, self-discovery, self-acceptance, personal growth, friendship, music, fame, online life, societal expectations, LGBTQ+ (optional)

Awards & Recognition:

  • Brand new story by Alice Oseman included with this paperback edition (not considered an award)

Additional Information:

  • Genre: Young adult fiction
  • Pages: 416
  • Publisher: HarperCollins UK
  • Release Date: February 28, 2024
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  • Size: Not currently available
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