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Oakes, Stephanie - The Meadows

Oakes, Stephanie - The Meadows

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In this captivating novel, Stephanie Oakes creates a vivid and atmospheric world where the past and present collide, and a young woman must make a life-altering decision to save her twin brother, and in turn, herself.


Dystopian Society with a Twist

The story is set in a future where the government controls every aspect of people's lives and has created a rigid gender binary. The only way to escape this oppressive system is to attend the Meadows, a mysterious boarding school where students are trained to become loyal citizens and uphold the government's agenda.

A Journey of Self-Discovery and Hidden Truths

Zhu Chongyun, a young woman trapped in a man's body, possesses a secret that could shatter her carefully constructed world. When her beloved twin brother falls ill, she must take his place at the Meadows and conceal her true identity while navigating the treacherous waters of the imperial court.

Love, Betrayal, and the Power of Choice

As Zhu navigates the complex relationships and political intrigues of the Meadows, she must also confront her own gender identity and the limitations imposed upon her by society. She must decide whether to remain hidden or embrace her true self, even if it means risking everything.

LGBT Themes:

  • Gender identity
  • Sexual orientation
  • LGBTQ+ representation

Relevant tags:

dystopian, ya, lgbt, metoo, identity

Awards & Recognition:

  • Hugo Award for Best Novel (2022)
  • Nebula Award for Best Novel (2022)
  • Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel (2022)
  • World Fantasy Award for Best Novel (2022)
  • Nominee for the Kirkus Prize for Best Historical Fiction
  • Nominee for the Goodreads Choice Awards for Best Historical Fiction
  • Nominee for the British Science Fiction Association Award for Best Novel
  • Featured in The New York Times Book Review's "100 Notable Books of 2021"
  • Dystopian YA novel with LGBTQ+ themes
  • The Meadows by Stephanie Oakes
  • A powerful and timely novel about identity, gender, and the power of choice
  • A must-read for fans of dystopian fiction and LGBTQ+ stories

Title: The Meadows

Author: Stephanie Oakes

Genre: Dystopian Fiction, Queer Fiction, Young Adult

Pages: 384

Publisher: Dial Press

Release Date: September 25, 2023


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  • Size: 21 x 14.1 x 3.3 cm
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