Newman, Nathan - How to Leave the House

Newman, Nathan - How to Leave the House

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Natwest, on the eve of leaving for university, is consumed by the thought of a mysterious package he ordered that hasn't arrived yet. His frantic search for it becomes a catalyst for a series of interconnected stories in his small town. We meet a middle-aged dentist yearning to be an artist, a closeted imam in a forbidden romance with the vicar, an octogenarian grappling with grief and a teenager dealing with leaked nudes. Through their interwoven lives, Natwest uncovers secrets about his past and confronts themes of love, friendship, self-deception, and the complexities of human connection.


Nathan Newman's "How to Leave the House" is a quirky and heartwarming exploration of connection and belonging. With its unique narrative style and interwoven characters, the novel tackles complex themes like sexuality, family dynamics, and the search for meaning. Fans of coming-of-age stories with a touch of mystery will find themselves engrossed in this captivating novel.

LGBT Themes:

The book features a character navigating a same-sex relationship, it contributes to the overall tapestry of interconnected lives.

Relevant Tags:

Coming-of-Age, LGBTQ+, interconnected stories, mystery, family secrets

Title: How to Leave the House

Author: Nathan Newman

Genre: Literary Fiction

Pages: 320

Publisher: Penguin Random House (Transworld)

Release Date: April 30, 2024

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