Newbound, Madison - Misrecognition

Newbound, Madison - Misrecognition

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Title: Misrecognition by Madison Newbound

Genre: Modern & Contemporary Fiction 

 Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing (AUS) -

Release Date: October 29, 2024 


Elsa, struggling after a past relationship, finds solace in the internet, becoming fixated on a charismatic actor. When the actor arrives in her town, her world collides with his, leading to a confusing exploration of love, sexuality, and self-discovery. 

"A smart, savage and hilarious debut exploring love, sexuality, purpose - and the delicious absurdities of online life."

LGBT Themes

  • Exploration of sexuality, which includes LGBT themes.
  • Sapphic

Relevant Tags

lgbt, lgbtq, lgbt fiction, lgbt coming-of-age, contemporary fiction, internet culture, self-discovery, sapphic

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