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Monroe, Katrina - Graveyard of Lost Children

Monroe, Katrina - Graveyard of Lost Children

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Haunted by visions and the chilling legacy of a near-fatal childhood incident, Olivia Dahl faces a terrifying echo of the past as she prepares to give birth. Thrust into a desperate struggle against a cycle of fear and violence, she grapples with the chilling possibility that her newborn daughter might suffer the same fate.


Graveyard of Lost Children is a haunting exploration of motherhood, trauma, and the enduring hold of the past. Katrina Monroe masterfully weaves suspense and folklore into a chilling narrative where societal expectations and dark secrets collide. As Olivia battles internal demons and external threats, the line between reality and nightmare blurs, forcing her to confront a legacy that transcends generations.

LGBT Themes:

While not the central focus, the book explores themes of societal expectations and pressures placed on mothers, which may resonate with LGBTQ+ readers navigating traditional gender roles. Additionally, some interpretations see Olivia's connection to the "dead women" as a metaphor for queer identity and community, though this is open to individual interpretation.

Relevant Tags:

    • horror fiction, psychological thriller, folklore, motherhood, trauma, changeling myth, supernatural, family secrets, cycle of violence, societal expectations, LGBT themes (open to interpretation), motherhood and queer identity (interpretation)

Awards & Recognition:

    • No major awards listed to date

Additional Notes:

    • This book has received positive reviews for its atmospheric writing, complex characters, and exploration of dark themes.
    • Readers interested in psychological horror with social commentary and potential LGBT themes may find this book compelling.

Title: Graveyard of Lost Children Author: Katrina Monroe Genre: Horror, Thriller, Social Commentary Pages: 368 Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press Release Date: May 9, 2023 ISBN: 9781728248233 Weight: 338g Size: 142 x 211 x 28 mm

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