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McQuiston, Casey - Red, White and Royal Blue

McQuiston, Casey - Red, White and Royal Blue

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When Alex, the First Son of the United States, falls in love with Prince Henry of England during a diplomatic visit, the world watches in fascination as their relationship blossoms. However, as Alex and Henry navigate the pressures of public scrutiny, family obligations, and their own budding romance, they must also contend with the lingering prejudices of a world not quite ready for a same-sex relationship between the heirs to two of the most powerful nations in the world.


From the instant New York Times bestselling author Casey McQuiston comes the TikTok sensation Red, White & Royal Blue, a captivating romantic comedy that's perfect for fans of The Princess Diaries and Love, Simon.

As the First Son of the United States, Alex Claremont-Diaz is used to handling the spotlight, even when it means fending off the most outrageous tabloid rumors. But when a diplomatic crisis with the United Kingdom sweeps him into an unexpected friendship with Prince Henry, things get a lot more complicated.

Alex finds himself caught between duty and desire as he tries to maintain his carefully crafted image while falling for Henry. But the stakes are higher than ever when Alex discovers the truth: Henry doesn't just have a crush on him; he has plans for their relationship that could change the course of history.

LGBT Themes

  • Coming-of-age and self-discovery
  • Navigating societal expectations and prejudices
  • Embracing one's identity and finding love

Relevant Tags

  • Casey McQuiston, Romantic Comedy, Young Adult, LGBTQ+ Literature, Coming-of-Age, Love, Royalty, First Son, First Prince, LGBTQ+ Romance, Coming-Out

Awards & Recognition

  • Nominated for the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Young Adult Fiction in 2022

Target Audience

  • LGBTQ+ readers seeking relatable and empowering stories
  • Young adults who enjoy romantic comedies and coming-of-age tales
  • Fans of Casey McQuiston's witty and engaging storytelling

Why Readers Should Choose This Book

  • Red, White & Royal Blue is a charming and heartwarming romance that tackles important social issues with humor and sensitivity.
  • Casey McQuiston's characters are relatable, complex, and endearing, making their journey all the more captivating.
  • The story explores themes of identity, acceptance, and the power of love in a way that resonates with readers of all ages and backgrounds.

Title: Red, White & Royal Blue

Author: Casey McQuiston

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Young Adult

Pages: 400

Publisher: Macmillan Publishers

Release Date: April 14, 2022

Weight: 320 grams

Size: 19.8 x 13.1 x 2.8 cm

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