Macdonald, Helen & Blaché, Sin - Prophet

Macdonald, Helen & Blaché, Sin - Prophet

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A mysterious event unfolds as an all-American diner appears overnight in a remote British field. This is followed by the materialization of more objects – toys, fairground rides, cherished memories brought to life. But there's a dark side to this phenomenon. These objects trigger joy in people, but then tragically suffocate them with their own happiness. The world doesn't know who created this "Prophet" weapon or its purpose.


  • Your happiest memory is their deadliest weapon.


    It knows when you were happiest. It gives life to your fondest memories and uses them to destroy you. But who has created it? And what do they want?

    An all-American diner appears overnight in a remote British field. It's brightly lit, warm and inviting but it has no power, no water, no connection to the real world. It's like a memory made flesh - a nostalgic flight of fancy. More and more objects materialise: toys, fairground rides, pets and other treasured mementos of the past.

    And the deaths quickly follow.
    Something is bringing these memories to life, then stifling innocent people with their own joy. This is a weapon like no other. But nobody knows who created it, or why.

    Sunil Rao seems a surprising choice of investigator. Chaotic and unpredictable, the former agent is the antithesis of his partner Colonel Adam Rubenstein, the model of a military man. But Sunil has the unique ability to distinguish truth from lies: in objects, words and people, in the past and in real time. And Adam is the only one who truly knows him, after a troubled past together. Now, as they battle this strange new reality, they are drawn closer than ever to defend what they both hold most dear.

    For Prophet can weaponise the past. But only love will protect the future.

LGBTQ+ Themes:

Achillean m-m romance

Relevant Tags:

science fiction, mystery, thriller, technology, memory, gay

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