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Kizu, Natsuki - Links

Kizu, Natsuki - Links

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An ensemble of interconnected romance stories from one of the hottest creators of yaoi manga. A collection of intertwining stories covering four not-quite lovers as they find what links them together.


In the captivating world of Links, four unique stories unfold, each exploring the intricacies of love, connection, and the delicate dance of human relationships. Akiha, a reserved pianist, grapples with his feelings for Yahiko, a friend with benefits who challenges his emotional barriers. Meanwhile, Sado and Nakajo, despite their constant bickering, harbor a deep-seated affection for each other, their hearts entangled in a web of unspoken desires. Shibata, an overly friendly older man, pursues Sekiya, a socially awkward radio DJ, leading to a heartwarming tale of acceptance and unexpected love. And finally, Kameda and Ogikawa, brought together by a stray cat, embark on a journey of companionship and mutual understanding.

LGBT Themes:

  • Same-sex romance
  • Coming-of-age
  • Self-discovery
  • Love triangles
  • Mystery

Relevant Tags:

  • Manga, Yaoi, Coming-of-Age, LGBTQ+, Romance, Friendship, Mystery, Self-discovery

Awards & Recognition:

  • SuBLime Manga Award Nominee (2024)
  • Links
  • Natsuki Kizu
  • SuBLime
  • Yaoi Manga
  • LGBTQ+ Manga
  • Coming-of-Age Manga
  • Same-Sex Romance Manga
  • Friendship Manga
  • Mystery Manga
  • Self-discovery Manga

Additional Notes:

  • Links is available in English and Japanese.
  • The book has been praised for its diverse cast of characters and its realistic portrayal of relationships.

Title: Links 

Author: Natsuki Kizu

Genre: Manga, Yaoi, Romance

Pages: 250 pages

Publisher: SuBLime (May 26, 2022);

Length: 250 pages;

ISBN13: 9781974727308

Dimensions: 5 inches x 0.8 inches x 7.13 inches

Weight: 216 grams

Size: 128 x 182 x 20 mm

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