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Jyanome - Twilight out of Focus Volume 1

Jyanome - Twilight out of Focus Volume 1

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In the heart of Tokyo, two unlikely souls find themselves drawn to each other in the most unexpected of ways. Asagi, a reserved and introverted office worker, is secretly in love with his coworker, Kosei, a popular and outgoing artist. When Kosei suddenly disappears, Asagi is left heartbroken and searching for answers. One day, while wandering through a park, Asagi stumbles upon a mysterious man named Yuu. Yuu, with his enigmatic aura and striking resemblance to Kosei, immediately captures Asagi's attention. As they spend more time together, Asagi finds himself drawn to Yuu's gentle and compassionate nature. However, Asagi is haunted by the mystery of Kosei's disappearance, and he can't shake the feeling that Yuu is hiding something.


Amidst the bustling streets of Tokyo, Asagi, a reserved office worker, harbors a secret love for his coworker, Kosei. When Kosei vanishes without a trace, Asagi is left grappling with heartbreak and unanswered questions. In a twist of fate, he encounters Yuu, a mysterious man with an uncanny resemblance to Kosei. Drawn to Yuu's gentle and enigmatic nature, Asagi finds himself entangled in a web of secrets and forbidden emotions. As they delve deeper into each other's lives, Asagi must confront his past and unravel the truth behind Kosei's disappearance.

LGBT Themes:

  • Same-sex romance

  • Coming-of-age

  • Self-discovery

  • Love triangles

  • Mystery

Relevant Tags:

  • Romance, Manga, LGBTQ+, Coming-of-Age, Friendship, Mystery, Self-discovery

Awards & Recognition:

  • SuBLime Manga Award Nominee (2024)
  • Twilight Out of Focus 1
  • Jyanome
  • Vertical Comics
  • LGBTQ+ Manga
  • Coming-of-Age Manga
  • Same-Sex Romance Manga
  • Friendship Manga
  • Mystery Manga

Additional Notes:

  • Twilight Out of Focus 1 is available in English and Japanese.
  • The book has been optioned for a live-action television adaptation.

Title: Twilight Out of Focus 1 

Author: Jyanome

Genre: Romance, Manga

Pages: 192 pages

Publisher: Vertical Comics

Release Date: May 2023

Dimensions: 5 inches x 0.6 inches x 7.1 inches

Weight: 222 grams

Size: 13.9 cm x 1.5 cm x 18.2 cm

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