Jemisin, N.K. & Campbell, Jamal - Far Sector

Jemisin, N.K. & Campbell, Jamal - Far Sector

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Title: Far Sector: DC Compact Comics Edition

Authors: N.K. Jemisin (writer) & Jamal Campbell (artist) 

Genre: Science Fiction Graphic Novel (Paperback, 296 pages)

Publisher: DC Comics - Release Date: 2024


Green Lantern Jo Mullein, a highly decorated but disillusioned cop, is dumped on the furthest, most corrupt sector in space. Partnered with a rookie Lantern overwhelmed by the sheer brutality of space, Jo has to confront a society on the brink of collapse while dealing with her own demons.

LGBT Themes

  • Some characters identify as LGBTQ+

Relevant Tags:

  • science fiction, graphic novel, DC Comics, Green Lantern, space opera, police procedural, social justice, lgbtq
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