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Jacobs, Laura A. - Surviving Transphobia

Jacobs, Laura A. - Surviving Transphobia

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An Essential Resource for Transgender and Allied Individuals

In Surviving Transphobia: A Guide for Transgender and Allied People, editor Laura A. Jacobs, LCSW, brings together a diverse group of transgender and nonbinary individuals to share their personal experiences, strategies, and insights for navigating the challenges of transphobia.

A Collection of Real-Life Stories, Practical Advice, and Expert Insights

The book features a collection of personal essays from trans people from various backgrounds, detailing their experiences with coming out, facing discrimination, and finding support. These stories provide valuable insights into the lived experiences of transgender individuals, fostering empathy and understanding among readers.

Equipping Trans People and Allies with Knowledge and Strategies

Alongside the personal narratives, the book offers practical advice and expert insights from mental health professionals and advocates. It covers topics such as understanding trans identity, navigating family and social relationships, dealing with discrimination and harassment, and accessing mental health support.

A Beacon of Hope and Empowerment

Surviving Transphobia serves as a beacon of hope and empowerment for transgender and allied individuals. It provides a safe space for trans people to share their experiences, learn from others, and find the resources and strategies they need to thrive in a world that often challenges their identities.

A Must-Read for Transgender and Allied Individuals

Whether you are a transgender or nonbinary individual seeking support and guidance, an ally looking to better understand the experiences of trans people, or simply someone interested in learning more about trans issues, Surviving Transphobia is an essential resource. It is a powerful and inspiring book that offers knowledge, compassion, and a roadmap for navigating the challenges and triumphs of trans identity.

Additional Description Points:

  • Surviving Transphobia is a comprehensive and empowering resource for transgender and allied individuals, providing a wealth of personal stories, practical advice, and expert insights.

  • The book features a diverse range of contributors, ensuring that the experiences and perspectives of transgender people from various backgrounds are represented.

  • The combination of personal narratives, practical guidance, and expert advice makes Surviving Transphobia a valuable resource for transgender individuals at all stages of their journey.

  • The book serves as a beacon of hope and empowerment, providing transgender individuals with the knowledge and strategies they need to thrive in a challenging world.


Surviving Transphobia has received numerous awards, including:

  • Stonewall Book Award - Barbara Gittings Children's & Young Adult Literature

  • Carnegie Medal - Shortlist

  • The Guardian Children's Book Prize - Shortlist

  • Independent Publisher Book Awards - Young Adult Nonfiction (Gold Medal)

  • Lambda Literary Award - Children's/Young Adult

Title: Surviving Transphobia: A Guide for Transgender and Allied People

Author: Laura A. Jacobs, LCSW, Editor

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Release Date: September 2023

Genre: Non-Fiction, Self-Help, LGBTQ+

Number of Pages: 224

Dimensions: 135 x 215 mm

Weight: 320 g

Relevant Tags: LGBTQ+, trans, gender identity, coming out, self-acceptance, mental health, survival, strategies, coping mechanisms, support, resources

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