Itkz - The Titan's Bride Volume 3

Itkz - The Titan's Bride Volume 3

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The Titan's Bride Vol. 3

Author: Itkz

Genre: Boys' Love, Fantasy, Isekai, Manga

Pages: 152 

Publisher: Seven Seas Entertainment, LLC

Release Date: May 2, 2023



Love demands sacrifice. Kouichi has made the difficult decision to return to his world. With their agreement fulfilled and his choice made, Caius begins the magical process of sending him back. However, as the process unfolds, Kouichi witnesses Caius' physical form start to fade. Unable to help or ask why, the couple is ripped apart. What is happening to Caius, and will anyone be able to help Koichi in his time of need?

This volume picks up where the previous one left off, with Kouichi returning to his world and the consequences of their agreement.

LGBT Themes: Yes, this Boys' Love manga features a romantic relationship between two males.

Relevant Tags: Manga, Boys' Love, LGBTQ+, Fantasy, Sequel, Yaoi

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