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Highsmith, Patricia - Carol

Highsmith, Patricia - Carol

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Carol, set in 1952, tells the story of Therese Belivet, a young shop assistant who falls in love with Carol Aird, an older, married woman. As their relationship deepens, Therese must confront her own desires and the societal expectations of the time.


Patricia Highsmith's captivating novel, Carol, delves into the complexities of love, desire, and societal expectations in 1950s America.

LGBT Themes:

  • Exploration of lesbian identity and relationships in a heteronormative world
  • Navigating the challenges of coming out and finding acceptance
  • The power of love and its ability to transcend gesellschaftliche norms
  • The importance of self-acceptance and embracing one's true self

Relevant Tags: 

  • LGBTQ+, Fiction, Romance, Psychological Thriller, Lesbian, Love, Identity, Acceptance, Self-Discovery

Awards & Recognition:

  • Included in The New York Times Book Review's 100 Best Books of the 20th Century
  • Adapted into a critically acclaimed film in 2015
  • Target Keywords: LGBTQ+ romance, psychological thriller, lesbian, love, identity, acceptance, self-discovery
  • Meta Description: Embark on a captivating journey of love, desire, and the enduring power of human connection in Patricia Highsmith's enthralling novel, Carol, set against the backdrop of 1950s America.
  • Content Keywords: LGBTQ+, fiction, romance, psychological thriller, lesbian, love, identity, acceptance, self-discovery, Patricia Highsmith, Carol, Therese Belivet, Carol Aird
  • Title Tag: Carol: A Gripping Tale of Unconventional Love, Self-Discovery, and the Unwavering Pursuit of Happiness**

Title: Carol

Author: Patricia Highsmith

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Psychological Thriller

Pages: 224

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

Release Date: 1952 (Original Publication as The Price of Salt)

Dimensions: 198 x 129 x 22 mm

Weight: 292 grams

Size: 198 x 129 mm

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