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Greer, Helena - For Never & Always

Greer, Helena - For Never & Always

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One surprise inheritance, two best friends (now bitter exes), and three months to prove he loves her, forever and always, in this swoony second-chance romance for fans of Alexandria Bellefleur and Ashley Herring Blake.


Ten years ago, Emma and Finn were inseparable. But when their best-friendship turned into something more, they were torn apart by a secret that shattered their trust. Now, ten years later, Emma inherits her grandmother's lake house, bringing her back to the place where she and Finn first fell in love. Finn is still there, working at the local diner and haunted by the past. When he finds out Emma is back, he's torn between his lingering feelings for her and his desire to protect her from the town's gossip.

LGBT Themes:

  • Second-chance romance
  • LGBTQ+ identity and coming-of-age
  • Friendship and betrayal
  • Reconciliation and love

Relevant Tags:

LGBTQIA+, Contemporary, Romance, Coming-of-Age, Second-Chance Romance, Identity, Acceptance, Friendship, Betrayal, Love, Forgiveness, Small Town, Lake House

Title: For Never & Always

Author: Helena Greer

Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Romance, LGBT Literature

Pages: 304

Publisher: Forever

Release Date: 2023

Weight: 438 grams

Size: 152 x 229 x 22 mm

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