Green, Simon James - The Big Ask

Green, Simon James - The Big Ask

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Title: The Big Ask

Author: Simon James Green

Genre: Young Adult, LGBTQ+ Romance

Pages: 120

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Release Date: June 6, 2024

Alfie Parker has bagged the hottest date to prom … hasn’t he? Bestselling LGBTQ+ writer Simon James Green makes his Barrington Stoke debut with a life-affirming teen romance.

Harvey is popular, cool, plays football and has been in a relationship with his girlfriend Summer for as long as anyone can remember. Alfie is not popular, not cool, has a sick note so he doesn’t have to play any sport, and has been in a relationship with his Xbox since forever. So when Summer dramatically dumps Harvey just a few days before the school prom, no one is expecting Alfie to ask Harvey to be his date. Least of all Alfie. But sometimes amazing things can happen when you take a chance …

Alfie Parker, an unpopular and introverted teen, unexpectedly asks the popular Harvey to be his date to prom after Harvey's dramatic breakup with his girlfriend. 

LGBT Themes: LGBTQ+ Romance, Coming-of-Age, Achillean

Relevant Tags: lgbtq, lgbtq+ romance, young adult fiction, prom, coming-of-age

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