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Goswell, Emma & Walker, Sam - Coming Out Stories

Goswell, Emma & Walker, Sam - Coming Out Stories

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A compilation of heartwarming and inspiring narratives that capture the essence of LGBTQ+ coming-out journeys.


Embrace every facet of your identity with this collection of personal stories that explore the complexities and triumphs of coming out as LGBTQ+. From navigating family dynamics and societal expectations to finding love and acceptance, these experiences offer a glimpse into the diverse challenges and triumphs that individuals face on their journey to self-discovery.

Through poignant anecdotes, diverse perspectives, and thought-provoking reflections, these stories empower readers to embrace their authentic selves and celebrate the beauty of inclusivity.

LGBT Themes:

  • Coming out
  • Self-acceptance
  • Love and acceptance
  • LGBTQ+ identity

Relevant Tags:

  • LGBTQ+ Literature
  • Coming Out Stories
  • Self-Discovery
  • Love and Acceptance
  • LGBTQ+ Identity

Title: Coming Out Stories

Author: Emma Goswell

ISBN: 9781787754959

Genre: LGBTQ+ Literature

Pages: 240

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2021) ISBN-10: 1787754952

Release Date: January 21, 2021

Weight: 238 grams

Size: 155 x 235 x 12 mm

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