Felker-Martin, Gretchen - Cuckoo

Felker-Martin, Gretchen - Cuckoo

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Camp Resolution promises to help young people find the "straight and narrow." But for Shelby, a transgender woman, it's a nightmare come true. The counselors act strangely, the lessons are nonsensical, and a mysterious voice haunts the mountains at night. When a horrifying truth is revealed, Shelby and the other campers must fight for survival. Can they trust each other to escape the clutches of this conversion therapy camp from hell?


"Invasion of the Bodysnatchers meets Tell Me I'm Worthless" in this chilling horror. A group of LGBTQ+ teens trapped in a conversion therapy camp discover a dark secret. To survive, they must overcome their fears and learn to trust one another.

LGBT Themes

  • Transgender identity
  • Conversion therapy
  • LGBTQ+ characters

Relevant Tags

  • lgbt, lgbtq, horror, thriller, conversion therapy, transgender, young adult


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