Elsbai, Hadeer - The Daughters of Izdihar

Elsbai, Hadeer - The Daughters of Izdihar

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Title: The Daughters of Izdihar (The Alamaxa Duology #1)

Author: Hadeer Elsbai

Genre: Egyptian-inspired Fantasy, Adult Fantasy (384 Pages) 

Publisher: Orbit

Release Date: January 10, 2023

The Daughters of Izdihar is a powerful debut novel set in a world inspired by ancient Egypt. The story follows two young women from contrasting social backgrounds: Nehal, a spoiled aristocrat yearning to be a warrior, and Giorgina, a resourceful bookstore worker harboring a secret desire for social change. Both possess forbidden elemental magic, a power they must conceal. When their paths collide, they discover a hidden truth about their world and a brewing rebellion against the oppressive regime.

LGBT Themes

Nehal's desire to be a warrior challenges gender roles, and the narrative emphasizes the importance of female romance and solidarity. Sapphic.

Relevant Tags:

  • lgbt, lgbtq, lgbt fiction, young adult fantasy, elemental magic, social justice, rebellion, female empowerment, Egyptian mythology, forbidden power
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