Eddings, Mazey - Late Bloomer

Eddings, Mazey - Late Bloomer

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Late Bloomer by Mazey Eddings

Genre: Romance (400 pages) Publisher: Headline Publishing Group - Release Date: April 2024


Winning the lottery flips Opal Devlin's life upside down. She escapes her dead-end job but gets bombarded with requests for money. Deciding to chase her dreams, Opal buys a failing flower farm in North Carolina, hoping for peace and a chance to pursue painting. However, her plans are disrupted by the arrival of Pepper Boden, the farm's rightful owner, who refuses to leave. Forced to cohabitate, these polar opposites clash constantly, but a simmering attraction threatens to bloom.


Opposites attract in this heartwarming rom-com! When free-spirited Opal and the grounded Pepper are thrown together, sparks fly. Will their differences ignite a fiery conflict, or can they find common ground and cultivate a love that blossoms?

LGBT Themes

  • Lesbian Romance
  • Second Chance Romance

Relevant Tags

lgbt, lgbtq, lgbt fiction, lgbt romance, second chance romance, opposites attract, rom-com

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