Dvijka Collective - Queer Ukraine

Dvijka Collective - Queer Ukraine

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Title: Queer Ukraine: An Anthology of LGBTQI+ Ukrainian Voices During Wartime

Authors (Editors): Dvijka Collective

Genre: LGBTQ+, War, Poetry, Essays

Pages: 112 

Publisher: Renard Press Ltd.

Release Date: 2023 

This powerful anthology centers the voices of LGBTQI+ Ukrainians amidst the ongoing war. It sheds light on the unique challenges faced by the queer community during wartime, including persecution, scapegoating, and censorship. Through a collection of essays and poems, the book celebrates LGBTQI+ resilience and their ongoing fight for self-expression and acceptance.

"Queer Ukraine amplifies the voices of LGBTQI+ Ukrainians grappling with war and navigating an already difficult landscape for queer identities."*

LGBT Themes:

  • LGBTQI+ Experiences in Wartime
  • Resilience of the LGBTQI+ Community in Ukraine
  • Intersection of War, Sexuality, and Gender Identity
  • LGBTQI+ Rights and Activism During Conflict

Relevant Tags: LGBT+, LGBTQ+ Rights, Ukraine, War, Poetry, Essays, LGBTQI+ Activism, LGBTQI+ History, LGBTQI+ Eastern Europe

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