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Cocomi - Restart After Coming Back Home

Cocomi - Restart After Coming Back Home

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After failing to achieve his dreams in Tokyo, Kozuka Mitsuomi sheepishly returns to his rural hometown to take over the family hot springs inn. However, he's not welcomed with open arms by his younger brother, Kumai Yamato, who's now the inn's manager.

As Mitsuomi tries to regain his family's respect and save the inn from financial ruin, he finds himself drawn to his stoic brother in ways he never expected. Their relationship becomes increasingly complicated as they navigate their newfound feelings for each other amidst the challenges of running the business.


A heartwarming and steamy yaoi romance about two brothers working together to save their family's inn and uncovering a deeper connection between them.

LGBT Themes:

  • Brotherly love
  • Coming-of-age
  • Self-discovery
  • Acceptance
  • Yaoi
  • Cocomi
  • Seven Seas Entertainment
  • Restart After Coming Home
  • Webcomic, Romance, Fantasy

Title: Restart After Coming Back Home

Author: Cocomi

Genre: Yaoi, Romance, Webcomic, Fantasy

Pages: 212

Publisher: Seven Seas Entertainment

Release Date: December 1, 2023

Weight: 414 grams

Size: 15.0 x 21.7 x 1.8 cm

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