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Cheng, Linda - Gorgeous Gruesome Faces

Cheng, Linda - Gorgeous Gruesome Faces

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In a captivating tale of dark fantasy and self-discovery, "Gorgeous Gruesome Faces" follows the story of Anya, a troubled teenager with a mysterious past, as she navigates the treacherous world of the Deadlands, a realm filled with grotesque creatures and hidden dangers. Guided by the enigmatic and alluring Rook, Anya embarks on a quest to uncover the secrets of her lineage and confront the dark forces that threaten to consume her.


Anya, a young woman haunted by her past and plagued by visions of grotesque creatures, finds herself thrust into the perilous realm of the Deadlands. Amidst the decaying ruins and twisted landscapes, she encounters Rook, a charismatic and enigmatic figure who becomes her guide and protector. Together, they venture deeper into the heart of the Deadlands, facing formidable foes and unraveling the secrets of Anya's forgotten lineage. As Anya uncovers the truth about her past, she must confront the darkness within herself and decide whether to embrace her monstrous heritage or forge her own path.

LGBT Themes:

  • LGBTQ+ representation
  • Female protagonists
  • Coming-of-age
  • Self-acceptance
  • Dark fantasy

Relevant Tags:

  • Fantasy, Young Adult, Adventure, Deadlands, Monsters, Anya, Rook, Dark Fantasy, LGBTQ+

Awards & Recognition:

  • Kirkus Reviews Starred Review
  • Booklist Editor's Choice
  • School Library Journal Starred Review

Gorgeous Gruesome Faces, Linda Cheng, Yellowjackets, Fantasy, Young Adult, Adventure, Deadlands, Anya, Rook, Dark Fantasy

Title: Gorgeous Gruesome Faces

Author: Linda Cheng

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Adventure

Pages: 416

Publisher: Yellowjackets

Release Date: September 29, 2023

Dimensions: 5.8 inches x 8.3 inches

Weight: 640 grams

Size: 147 x 211 x 32 mm

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