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Bryon, Lucie - Thieves

Bryon, Lucie - Thieves

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Ella and Madeleine, high school students, find themselves at a mysterious party thrown by a stranger. The next day, they have no memory of the night's events, but things start to get interesting. The story follows their unexpected adventure involving stolen items, a blossoming romance, and some lighthearted mischief.

Ella can’t seem to remember a single thing from the party the night before at a mysterious stranger’s mansion, and she sure as heck doesn’t know why she’s woken up in her bed surrounded by a magpie’s nest of objects that aren’t her own. And she can’t stop thinking about her huge crush on Madeleine, who she definitely can’t tell about her sudden penchant for kleptomania… But does Maddy have secrets of her own? Can they piece together that night between them and fix the mess of their chaotic personal lives in time to form a normal, teenage relationship? That would be nice.

  • Praised for its delightful artwork, engaging plot, and humor.
  • Described as a "laugh-out-loud, capering graphic novel."

LGBTQ+ Themes:

Sapphic, lesbian, wlw, coming of age

Relevant Tags:

Young Adult, Graphic Novel, Romance, Humor, Mystery

Title: Thieves

Author: Lucie Bryon

Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Graphic Novel

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