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Baldwin, James - Another Country

Baldwin, James - Another Country

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Set in the Harlem jazz scene of the 1960s, Another Country follows the lives of a group of young artists and intellectuals as they grapple with issues of race, identity, and sexuality.


James Baldwin's Another Country is a searing and unforgettable novel that captures the complexities of race, identity, and sexuality in 1960s Harlem.

LGBT Themes:

  • Exploration of gay identity and relationships
  • Navigating the challenges of being LGBTQ+ in a heteronormative world
  • The power of friendship and acceptance
  • The resilience of the human spirit amidst personal struggles and societal pressures
  • The importance of self-acceptance and finding one's true self

Relevant Tags: 

  • LGBTQ+, Fiction, Literary Fiction, Coming-of-Age, Friendship, Love, Identity, Acceptance, Resilience

Awards & Recognition:

  • James Tait Black Memorial Prize
  • National Book Award Finalist
  • Target Keywords: LGBTQ+ literary fiction, coming-of-age, friendship, love, identity, acceptance, resilience
  • Meta Description: Delve into James Baldwin's poignant and thought-provoking novel, Another Country, a powerful exploration of race, identity, and the transformative power of friendship in a society grappling with social and cultural upheaval.
  • Content Keywords: LGBTQ+, fiction, literary fiction, coming-of-age, friendship, love, identity, acceptance, resilience, James Baldwin, Another Country, Harlem, jazz scene
  • Title Tag: Another Country: A Timeless Tale of Identity, Friendship, and the Enduring Power of Love**

Title: Another Country

Author: James Baldwin

Genre: Fiction, Literary Fiction, Coming-of-Age

Pages: 272

Publisher: Penguin Classics

Release Date: 1962

Dimensions: 133 x 203 x 23 mm

Weight: 354 grams

Size: 133 x 203 mm

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