Alexander, TJ - Triple Sec

Alexander, TJ - Triple Sec

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Mel, a bartender at a swanky New York City cocktail bar, is jaded on love after witnessing countless disastrous dates. Everything changes when Bebe, a beautiful woman who happens to be happily married with an open relationship, walks into the bar. Bebe offers Mel a chance to explore a new kind of love, leading Mel on a journey of self-discovery, newfound confidence, and a love that might be more expansive than she ever imagined.


"A passionate, thirst-quenching love story that will have you asking for another round…or three." (Ava Wilder, Author of How to Fake It in Hollywood)

LGBT Themes

Polyamory, Bisexual protagonist

Relevant Tags

fiction, lgbt, lgbtq, polyamory, bisexual, romance, romcom

Title: Triple Sec

Author: TJ Alexander

Genre: Fiction (Rom-Com)

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