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Alexander, TJ - Second Chances in New Port Stephen

Alexander, TJ - Second Chances in New Port Stephen

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A trans man returns to his Florida hometown for Christmas after his career goes up in flames, only to cross paths with his high school ex in this charming and heartwarming tale of second chances.


TJ Alexander's "Second Chances in New Port Stephen" is a delightful romance that captures the essence of holiday cheer and the transformative power of self-discovery. Nick, a recently divorced and struggling chef, finds himself drawn back to his hometown, seeking solace and a fresh start. However, his homecoming is complicated by the reappearance of Eli, his first love and the one who got away.

Amidst the festive celebrations and familiar faces, Nick and Eli rekindle their connection, reigniting their past flame. As they confront their past regrets and navigate the complexities of their rekindled romance, they embark on a journey of self-acceptance and rediscovery.

LGBT Themes:

  • Transgender representation and the challenges of navigating gender identity
  • Second chances and the power of forgiveness
  • Finding love and acceptance in a small town

Relevant Tags:

  • LGBTQ+ Romance, Small Town Romance, Holiday Romance, Coming-of-Age, Transgender Fiction, Self-Discovery, Forgiveness, Love, Acceptance, Family, Community, Friendship

Awards & Recognition:

  • Selected for the Rainbow Book List
  • Recommended by Lambda Literary

Title: Second Chances in New Port Stephen

Author: TJ Alexander

Genre: LGBTQ+ Romance, Small Town Romance, Holiday Romance

Pages: 368

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Release Date: October 4, 2023

Weight: 396 grams

Size: 160 x 234 x 21 mm

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