Mellors, Coco - Blue Sisters

Mellors, Coco - Blue Sisters

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 The Blue sisters, Avery, Bonnie, and Lucky, are as exceptional as they are different. After the unexpected death of their fourth sister, Nicky, they reunite in New York to deal with their childhood home. As they grapple with grief, addiction, and their ambitions, they uncover secrets not only about each other but also about themselves.


Dive into the complexities of family bonds in "Blue Sisters," a heartfelt novel by Coco Mellors. The story follows the journeys of the three Blue sisters as they navigate grief, personal struggles, and the challenges of returning home. While the book doesn't explicitly focus on LGBTQ+ themes, some readers have interpreted potential explorations of sexual identity within the characters' journeys.

LGBT Themes:

  • Self-discovery and identity exploration (reader interpretation)
  • Sisterhood and navigating family dynamics

Relevant Tags:

  • Modern Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Family Drama, Sisterhood, Grief, Addiction, Self-Discovery

Title: Blue Sisters

Author: Coco Mellors

Genre: Modern & Contemporary Fiction 

Pages: 352 

Publisher: Random House US 

Release Date: May 21, 2024 

Weight: 310 grams

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